The issue of the minimum age for renting cars in car rental companies

We offer a marketplace where people who want to drive for Uber or Lyft can pay local vehicle owners to borrow their car, and in turn a place for car owners to rent out their cars to earn some extra income.

The issue of the minimum age for renting cars in car rental companies

Getting wheels is worth the effort it takes. Here are my top tips, many of which are applicable to renting a car throughout Europe. Calculating the real cost of renting a car in Europe 1. Check your license Always check with the rental car agency beforehand to make sure you have the right documents for driving on Spanish roads.

A typical rental car in Spain. Find a good deal I have rented from many different companies in Spain and have had a range of good and bad experiences. The main takeaway is that if it looks too good or too cheap to be true, then it probably is.

Like the cheapo airlines that will nickel and dime you for every pound of luggage and every inch of legroom, many cheapo rental car companies will hit your wallet for gas, mileage, insurance, and additional drivers.

I have ended up spending much more than I expected to at super budget companies. In the end, I stopped using them and decided to pay more in advance for a better product and less hassle.

Be confident at the counter to get the best service and price. Read the small print and sign off on the dents and scratches This car rental tip could be applied to many aspects of your trip. Make sure you know all of the extra charges including unfilled tank charges!

Be assertive and ask now. At the rental counter, they usually give you a piece of paper that includes a small illustration of a car. Insist that someone go with you or meet you in the garage to go over any flaws that the car has on the interior and exterior.

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Mark all these flaws, even the small ones, on the documents that you got at the rental counter, carefully marking the dents and scratches on the diagram of the car. This may sound excessive, but being thorough could save you a lot of money.

The issue of the minimum age for renting cars in car rental companies

These circular intersections have replaced many crossroads and four-way stops in Spain. Some roundabouts consist of four lanes and can be daunting to merge into and out of. Otherwise, gracefully enter and wind around to your desired exit. Not sure which turn off to take?

Just keep circling the roundabout until you find the right road! Use a traffic-free toll road, like this one in Torrevieja, if you want to save time. Pay a bit to save time on toll roads In Catalonia many of the highways are toll roads, and many of them are not cheap.

Tunnels also usually collect a hefty toll. Depending on how far you have to go and how much time you have, it may be better to suck it up and pay for the toll roads. Most toll booths will accept both credit cards and cash. Hide all valuables from sight Always lock your doors, and do not leave your suitcase, purse, camera bag, or anything else of value in plain sight in your parked rental car.

Put everything that could be tempting to an unsavory character out of sight in the trunk. This is especially important in big cities like Barcelona and Madrid, but applies to smaller towns as well. Be prepared to pay more for automatic transition Most rental cars in Spain and throughout Europe are equipped with manual transmission, and most Spaniards know how to drive a stick shift car.

Automatic cars are the exception, not the rule, and you may have to pay hundreds of euros more to rent one.


If you really want to rent an automatic, then look around and compare prices. Make sure to reserve an automatic far in advance, because many companies have a limited supply, especially in the high season when Americans come in droves. Be very careful where you park. Fines can be huge in Spanish cities.

Choose your parking spot wisely It is not easy to park in Barcelona or Madrid. Parking spots are scarce, and when you do find one, you need to determine if it is a public parking space or only open to those living in the neighborhood.Car rental companies in these states must allow renters between 18 and 21 to rent cars (assuming they still meet the drivers license requirements), but NOTE that the car rental companies still charge an extra underage fee in these states and that the fee is even higher than .

We then declined the rental car company's insurance when picking up the car, having proof of insurance with us and the insurance company's phone number in case there was an issue. There wasn't an issue for us in this particular instance at the Marseille airport and Budget (I think).

Arriving at car rental counter, with no prior notification, my car was not ready.

The issue of the minimum age for renting cars in car rental companies

I was told 15 minute wait. After a while I discovered it would, in fact, be closer to 2-hour wait/5(). I know that other international companies might let you driver if you are 21 but you will need to pay an extra high fee, most of the car rental companies have similar minimum age rental ages for example in some areas of the USA the minimum is What is the minimum age for a renter?

All ACE locations rent to drivers at least 25 years of age. If under the age of 25, please refer to the location's policy. Like other car rental companies, ACE does not guarantee that you will receive a particular model or color.

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Who do I contact if I have an issue after my rental? Please reach out. Some United States Government Employees or military personnel can rent at 18 years of age, but must show the rental location official orders.

In both the states of Michigan and New York, the minimum age to rent is 18 years of age as mandated by the state government.

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