The great blue yonder essay

The Story of an Hour By: The Story of an Hour Kate Chopin: Today her novel The Awakening the story of a sensual, determined woman who insists on her independence, is widely read and highly honored, a feminist work which was decidedly ahead of its time. Louis, she married Oscar Chopin when she was twenty and moved to her husband's home in Louisiana.

The great blue yonder essay

Many may argue that the central theme of this story is that people are selfish and in the end one must take care of themselves, but I would argue that the central theme is that not everything is how it seems.

This sounds interesting to see your side of view: It focuses on the life of patriarch, Gramps Ford and his large extended family. Since the invention of a product called Anti-Gerasone, which prevents people from aging, the family has continued to grow, with great repercussions.

The home in which they lived was cramped to say the least and privacy was minimal with many of the members sleeping on the floor in hallways or wherever they found available space.

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That is, all but Gramps. As the patriarch he had his own room complete with a comfortable day bed. Needless to say, it was coveted by every member of the family.

The great blue yonder essay

Not only did Gramps have the privacy The great blue yonder essay the others wanted, but he also had the power. As the narrator of the story describes, Gramps ruled with an iron fist.

If a member of the family questioned him he would remove their name from his will. He would now be the heir to the apartment and of course the private room with double bed.

Feeling defeated Lou retreats to his mattress in the hallway outside the bathroom which he shares with his wife, Emerald. He closes his eyes to forget about the situation when he feels someone step over him and enter the bathroom. A few minutes later he hears a sound in the bathroom that startles him, thinking his wife Emerald had done something drastic to get back at Gramps he barges into the bathroom.

The plot thickens when Morty walked out of the bathroom leaving Lou in shock not knowing how to handle the situation. However, before he was able to empty the bottle Gramps burst through the door and saw what he was doing.


The entire family was gathered outside the door and saw was happened. The remainder of the night Lou and Emerald lay awake in bed contemplating what Gramps would do. When morning came they fixed a breakfast tray for Gramps, as is customary for those who were recently disinherited, but when they delivered it to his bedroom Gramps was nowhere to be found.

The fight was on, the family debated who should be in charge and of course who should get the private room. Unfortunately, when no decision could be made the argument escalated to a physical fight and the police arrived to arrest them all. If only they knew what was to come out of it.

Later, while sitting in their own private jail cells Lou and Emerald realize the irony of the situation they are in. The jail cells had more room and amenities then the cramped apartment they shared for all those years.A good deal of time must be spent at the destination, because a great amount of information must be gathered about lodging, restaurants, local customs, currency issues, laws, travel options, and entertainment venues.

Write a Personal Essay: 5 Common Mistakes That Should Be Avoided; Off Into the Wild Blue Yonder - Writing a Travel Book. Nature created the awesome quiet of the great blue yonder.

Man added the roar of pounding pistons and the machine gun staccato created by changing the pitch of the prop. An SNJ used to train warriors looks peaceful in the sky. The Story of an Hour outline Essay; The Story of an Hour outline Essay.

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great care was taken to break to her as gently as possible the news of her husband's death. whose gaze was fixed away off yonder on one of those patches of blue sky. It was not a glance of reflection, but rather indicated a suspension of intelligent thought.

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