Sterilization hospitals disinfection not enough health and social care essay

It's gone to doctors at National Jewish Health, the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center and the Heart Center of the Rockies; to a family dermatology practice in Westminster, a nurse practitioner in Fruita; and a bone-research center in Lakewood.

Sterilization hospitals disinfection not enough health and social care essay

By the end of this module, the resident will be able to: Understand the structure and goals of this handbook 2. Utilize the cases and discussion points in each module 3.

Sterilization hospitals disinfection not enough health and social care essay

Define the basic terminology related to ethics of health care A resident in her obstetrics and gynecology rotation was faced with a case of a year-old pregnant woman of 13 weeks gestational age, who is already a mother of three healthy children.

The woman was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 2. The oncologists made a recommendation to the obstetric team to terminate the pregnancy to initiate chemotherapy. The resident was not sure whether it was lawful, from an Islamic perspective, to terminate the pregnancy.

She found no clear guidance from an Islamic perspective in the medical textbooks that she had found in the library, which were all written and published from a Western perspective. She did not find a clear answer, so she started to search the Internet and finally found a few Arabic written Fatwas that allowed similar acts in similar types of patients.

However, the resident was not fully satisfied, and was quite frustrated from the time and effort that she had to exert to find an answer to the condition she had faced. Moreover, what she had found was not clear to her, as the Fatwa was full of Fiqhi terminology that she was not familiar with.

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The idea of the handbook came from the feedback that SCHS had received from the residents after distributing the first series of the educational DVDs on Introduction to Biostatistics and Research Methodology http: The idea was taken further with the second part of the series, which was on Medical and Research Ethics, and which developed into the PEHR.

Along with the video-recorded lectures, and the PowerPoint presentations, this handbook provides an easy-to-use text that residents can refer to, similar to any other bedside book for a clinical specialty.

We have tried to make it as concise and user-friendly as possible. Therefore, the contributors were asked to avoid elaborate explanations, though we have tried to set the stage with an introductory module with the basic common philosophical, ethical, legal, and Fiqhi grounds that will be applicable to almost any branch of health care ethics.

It is also important to note that this handbook is not intended to be a substitute for currently available textbooks, or those in the pipeline.

It is also worth emphasizing that we have tried to summarize the main and relevant Fatwas in each module, yet the referencing in Fatwas should still be to the authenticated sources authorized by Fatwa in Saudi Arabia, namely the High Scholars Commission, The General Presidency of Scholarly Research and Ifta, and the Permanent Fatwa Issuing Committee, which we have used for the Fatwas described in this handbook.

The literature on the education of ethics in Saudi Arabia, among other countries in the region, reflects the gaps in our undergraduate and postgraduate medical education on ethics education Bajammal et al.

This is not necessarily a bad thing; however, it is a situation that needs to be addressed and rectified. It is well-known that ethics are deeply rooted in Islamic teachings and heritage, mainly in the Quran and Sunnah. Moreover, the Islamic rulings give clear guidance that should be followed by Muslim doctors who treat Muslim patients, which is mostly the case in Saudi Arabia and most of the countries in the region.

The main goal of this handbook is to provide residents with the foundation knowledge to identify, analyze, and manage the most common ethical issues.

Reference can be made to the table of contents for detailed descriptions of each module. Each module is itself designed to be concise, simple, and practical.

Each module starts with clearly stated learning objectives, so that the reader is aware whether this module has what he or she is looking for. Then, the module presents a real case scenario that is usually encountered in real practice.

After that, the module goes on to describe the basic concepts and definitions of the themes and issues it covers. Finally, the module ends with a discussion of the scenario previously presented using the knowledge given within the module.

There is also a summary box that summarizes the most important points from a practical point of view. This handbook is designed as an integrated, yet independent set of modules, so that the reader does not have to read the whole handbook to make use of one of its modules.

That being said, it is advisable to read it as a whole, with special emphasis on the foundation modules that explain the philosophical and Fiqhi basis of ethical analysis, moral reasoning, and practical approaches to the resolution of the ethical issues in health care practice.

Sterilization hospitals disinfection not enough health and social care essay

In practice, residents and practitioners in general usually look for fast and reliable answers for the cases they face. This is as important for an ethical issue as it is for a clinical case.

In practice, this division is imaginary, as one could argue that any aspect of health care has professionalism and ethics components attached to it. It is our duty as practitioners to look for the answers that help us provide the best possible care to our patients and the community in general.

You could be using it as a resource for the exam the Saudi or the Arab Board. The approach we advise is to read it well, and completely.The loss of specialists crushes effectiveness of health care system. Martineau, Decker, and Bundred 04 (the loss of one or two staff with specialist skills just as significant as the loss of more general staff in .

The horror of World War 1 ended with a ceasefire years ago today, although people continued to die by the millions in the numerous revolutions and civil wars left blazing on nearly every continent while the Spanish flu pandemic burned grimly around the globe.

Health care providers at all levels of the health system – hospitals, clinics and health posts – should be briefed on the nature of the disease and how it is transmitted, and strictly follow recommended infection control precautions.

These health assessments include, but are not limited to, Community Health Assessments (CHA), Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIP), and Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA). These health assessments are expected to be performed and utilized by hospitals, public health departments, and other social service agencies to identify key comm.

But nursing mothers will not be allowed to use their tax-sheltered health care accounts to pay for breast pumps and other supplies.

That is because the Internal Revenue Service has ruled that breast-feeding does not have enough health benefits to quality as a form of medical care. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

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