Social media and network security

Your online activity and your social media presence contribute to billion dollar industries. We are creating a decentralized social network, separate from those corporations, that allows exactly that. You have a say, you get compensated, and above all you take back the power with every connection and every interaction.

Social media and network security

What are social media websites? Social media websites allow people to collaborate and connect to share information and ideas.

8 social media security tips and best practices However, few teens embrace a fully public approach to social media. Instead, they take an array of steps to restrict and prune their profiles, and their patterns of reputation management on social media vary greatly according to their gender and network size.
Understand Facebook security threats Facebook, Instagram, and Social What age should my kids be before I let them use Instagram, Facebook, and other social media services?
Social media - Wikipedia You can use social media to augment traditional public relations and communications strategies.
What is social networking? - Definition from Steinfield, Charles, Joan M. Social Networking and Social Capital within the Organization.

Essentially, these sites allow people to socialize in cyberspace. Some are tailored to government and military employees.

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media sites in the United States. What are the benefits of using a social media website? From a personal perspective, social media websites can be fun, exciting, entertaining, and useful for maintaining relationships.

Professionally, people can use social media websites for marketing, managing their public image, connect with customers, and solicit ideas and feedback.

For people who are home-bound due to illness, are stay-at-home parents, or retired, social media is a good way to stay connected.

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What are the dangers of using social media websites? There are many well-publicized examples of kids who have been lured away be a pedophile who made friends with them through social networking. An Al Qaeda handbook tells its terrorists to seek out information about government personnel, officers, important personalities, and all matters related to those resident, work place, times of leaving and returning, wives and children, places visited.

Government employees and military members have also had their pages raided and defaced. What should you not share on a social media site?

What you want to keep secret and what some people want from you are not always the same. You should be careful when sharing the names and photos of yourself, your family and your co-workers.

Also avoid listing information about your home or work security and logistical details, like how you get to work and travel itineraries.

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Posting your social security number, credit cards, or banking information also puts you at risk of identity theft. Listing your hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc.

More information External Link: It covers a wide range of topics, for example:Social media security is the process of analyzing dynamic social media data in order to protect against security and business threats..

Every industry faces a unique set of risks on social, many of which have put organizations in the press or at the center of controversy. my Social Security | Open a my Social Security account today and rest easy knowing that you're in control of your future.

Social media and network security

Fifty state legislation in , and to restrict employers or educational institutions from requesting access to Facebook and other social media usernames and passwords of applicants, students or employees. Sep 09,  · There are many pros for social media. You can use social media to augment traditional public relations and communications strategies.

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Common social media security risks

Camino Real, Unit #, Boca Raton, , FL. The International Social Security Association (ISSA) is the world's leading international organization for social security institutions, government departments and agencies. The ISSA promotes excellence in social security administration through professional guidelines, expert knowledge, services and support to enable its members to develop dynamic social security .


Social media and network security

Social media has a history dating back to the s. ARPANET, which first came online in , had by the late s developed a rich cultural exchange of non-government/business ideas and communication, as clearly evidenced by ARPANET#Rules and etiquette's "A handbook on computing at MIT's AI Lab stated regarding network .

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