Protection of youth in germany

When traveling abroad it is always good to know if there are any age restrictions.

Protection of youth in germany

On 21 Junethe Bundesrat upper house of parliament followed the Bundestag lower house in approving the new Jugendschutzgesetz Youth Protection Act. One of the aims of these reforms is to create a coregulation system to guarantee the protection of minors.

Self-regulatory bodies and State authorities should work together to protect minors in the media. Whether they are successful will depend in particular on co-operation between the groups involved, since the first draft, which was published in Maywas fiercely contested.

Protection of youth in germany

In particular, the regional media authorities, which currently monitor compliance with youth protection provisions in the private TV sector, held conflicting views to the self-regulatory bodies which were supported by their umbrella organisations which, independent of the State, supervise the protection of minors in the television sector Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Fernsehen - FSF and in other telemedia Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle MultimediaFSM.

Whereas the regional media authorities argued that the co-regulatory bodies should have total control, the self-regulatory bodies thought that the provisions set out in the Inter-State Agreement, particularly the demands of the regional media authorities, were excessive.

Under the compromise that has now been reached, the coregulatory bodies have a certain degree of freedom to make their decisions.

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The State authorities can only ensure that the boundaries of that freedom are not crossed. On the other hand, the obligation for co-regulatory bodies previously the self-regulatory authorities to be licensed was maintained.

Protection of youth in germany

Furthermore, the position of the KJM is now stronger than in the original draft, boosted at the expense of the co-regulatory bodies. Even now, the final version of the Inter-State Agreement is not without its controversies. Whilst it appears acceptable to the regional media authorities and the FSF, representatives of associations of media and Internet service providers have claimed that the Agreement is worded ambiguously.

They fear that the current version makes provision for heavy penalties to be imposed on hosting and access providers as well as traditional telemedia providers who fail to take measures to block access to content that might harm the development of minors.

Moreover, the FSM has announced that it will not apply for a licence and will therefore not become part of the co-regulatory framework. Whether it will stick to this position, and how the system will work in such circumstances, only time will tell.

References Jugendschutzgesetz JuSchG vom Censorship in Germany has taken many forms throughout the history of the region.

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Various regimes have restricted the press, cinema, literature, and other entertainment venues. In modern Germany, the Grundgesetz guarantees freedom of press, speech, and opinion. Censorship is mainly exerted in the form of restriction of access to certain media (examples include motion pictures and video games) to older .

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Censorship in Germany has taken many forms during the history of the region. Various regimes have restricted the media regarding their suitability for minors. The German Jugendschutzgesetz (Youth Protection Act) of made the former advisory-only label a de facto requirement; only products controlled by such a body may be publicly.

As such, it is as yet unknown whether a ban on the publication of these lists could be a violation of the Youth Protection Act. If it is not, then such a ban would not be permitted under article 5 of the German constitution.


The Jugendschutzgesetz, or Youth Protection Act, in Germany specifically deals with the rights and responsibilities of adolescents.

When traveling abroad it is always good to know if there are any age restrictions. Corinna Bienger, our German correspondent, says, “these laws in Germany are the most complicated laws I ever read.

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