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Offbeat Trade talks and Fed Jackson Hole meeting could create more than the usual late August volatility By rights, the week ahead should be a snoozer, but trade talks and the Fed 's annual Jackson Hole symposium could make for late summer volatilitysome of which could be on the upside.

Pbs nightly business report transcript

Russia's export ban chills wheat marketsBrent Jang, August 5 They sang in the choir together and were in the school musicals. Ratchford, from Kitchener, went on to Hollywood and an acting career. He starred on the TV series Cold Case. Haff, from Waterloo, went to Yale to study drama, worked in theatre, and then became a teacher at Bushwick High School, which is in one of the most violent and impoverished parts of New York City.

Haff liked the students.

pbs nightly business report transcript

And he started Still Waters in a Storm, a quiet, calm place where anyone of any age can come in and read, write, talk and learn. One young woman increased her reading skills by three grade levels in one year while attending the meetings.

Another wrote a play and had it performed. Famous writers like Peter Carey, the Australian novelist who twice won the Booker prize, have been part of the group. More than anything, this group is a kind of family.

And 5, kilometres away in California, Jeremy Ratchford sends money to his old friend so that it can happen. If you lack education, the world is a very tiny place for you. Here, the subway comes out from below ground and rattles along on an elevated track that sways and shudders.

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In its shadows are shops, cafes, cars blasting rap music, an ice-cream truck, moms pushing strollers with small children, fruit vendors with open cases of mangoes on the hoods of their trucks.

But the stylish, highly educated single professionals of Manhattan might as well be a million miles away. Bushwick is one of the poorest neighbourhoods of New York, with 75 per cent of children born into poverty, and a sky-high school dropout rate. When Haff was teaching at Bushwick High School, teenagers came into Grade 9 each year, but only 60 to 80 graduated Grade They would often try to leave if they heard a fight in the hallway and wanted to join.

School administrators were interested in whether the boys wore their baseball hats in class, or whether they understood enough grammar to pass the standardized test for high school graduation. He found that students could relate to it better if they could rewrite the play with the characters speaking in their own, urban language.

So he did that.

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It was a huge success, with students working hard to perform the play, rewritten in a mixture of modern English, Spanish, street slang, and original Shakespeare. He created a theatre company for his students and others, Real People Theatre, that did other works the same way, and travelled to Chicago, Los Angeles, and even Germany.

It was living proof of how important it is that young people have their own voice. There are no report cards, assignments or exams. There are no computers.WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- Times are tough in the U.S.

economy, but America is not in a recession, President Bush said Wednesday in a rare interview focusing on the economy. Jeff Yastine, former PBS Nightly Business Report journalist, takes over as the Club’s Editorial Director. He launches the Weekly Briefing trading services summary for Chairman’s Circle Members.

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pbs nightly business report transcript

Dr. Gian M. Fulgoni has been the Chief Executive Officer of Lancaster Enterprises LLC since November Dr. Fulgoni Co-founded comScore, Inc. and was its Chairman Emeritus of Board since. Drugmaker Practices Deliver Sales, But At A Cost Drug companies say the millions of dollars they pay physicians for speaking and consulting justly compensates them for the laudable work of.

The dog days of August could be volatile this year, as trade and the Fed dominate in the week ahead. Markets will be fixated on the always important annual Fed symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where Fed Chairman Jerome Powell speaks Friday, and central bankers will hold high level discussions about policy and the economy.

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