Memo assignment english 250

How to Write an Essay Part 2 - The Proposal If your essay requires a proposal, do not assume you can whip together something quickly and consider it complete. Chances are, if a professor is requesting an essay proposal at all which means more work for them to dothey intend to actually pay attention to it. It may even have a grade value as part of the overall essay. You will likely be held to promises made in the proposal, so don't state that you'll do impossible things under the assumption that the professor will be impressed.

Memo assignment english 250

Job Application Package Most people obtain jobs through a multi-stage process. First you research the types of jobs you are qualified for and the kind of employers for whom you would enjoy working. Then you try to convince specific employers to consider you for a job.

These days, most employers have too many applicants per job to interview each personally. So your first communication with your future employer is likely to be in writing and must persuade him or her to continue the conversation. For this assignment, you will write: Two cover letters addressed to different prospective employers and that apply for two different types of jobs.

The letters should highlight the genuinely different aspects of your experience relevant to the different jobs. The choices of content and layout should emphasize appropriate experience for each job.

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I expect you to make good use of the information in this memo in the arguments you present in your cover letters to the employers. Since the memo will be of use to you in designing the rest of your job application package, you probably should think about it early—even begin drafting it early.

You may base your job description on job listings that you find in a professional or trade journal, on the Internet, or in other resources on campus at Career Services. The jobs should be different enough that you will have to emphasize different parts of your experience to qualify for the positions.

You may also with my permission write for a summer job, or an internship.

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Note that you must hand in copies of the job ads you use. Investigate the particular companies you are applying to. You may obtain information on companies from the library, on the Internet, from Career Services, or other places.

You may also contact the personnel office of the company directly. Then write one or two paragraphs that specify any special qualities or experience that this company may be looking for in its employees.

For example, suppose you are applying for a job as a chemical engineer. A small company may be looking for an engineer who can work on a variety of projects, while another may be looking specifically for someone who has experience with polymers.

This is also the place to describe anything you know about the particular person you are writing to. I expect you to make extensive use of this information in your cover letter. Normally, your reasons will be closely related to the information in the job description and audience analysis.

The goal is to argue that you are qualified for a particular type of job and that you would be a capable, responsible, and personable employee who communicates effectively. Your style should be fairly formal. You need not use complete sentences, but you should use a concise, active style and show consistency in expression from section to section.

The purpose of the cover letter is to persuade that specific employer to grant you an interview. Just as you appreciate being treated as an individual rather than as a statistic, so does an employer.The business memo is generally used in place of a traditional letter for internal communication, though memos may be used to communicate with individuals from other organizations in some instances.

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Memo assignment english 250

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