Internationanl business essay

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Internationanl business essay

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Introduction It is evident that there is a continuous increase in market research works on the international or globalization or multinational business.

Moreover, there are various methods scientists or researchers use during their study. This paper will compare, contrast through the analysis of the similarities and differences of the different methodologies used by two different selected research kinds of literature in international business.

Essay about international business The first similarity general and apparent similarity from the two articles is that both talk about the research methodologies in international trade. The second article clearly emphasizes on the international business cycles in the different regions of the world and each country specific factors.

On the other hand, the first article on shared method variance articulates the issue of common method variance in international business research. Similarly, in both articles, the readers are introduced to the data collection methods used in the study of international trade.

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The paper in the second study recognizes that the research collected data from a survey sample of sixty countries, in seven regions in the world. On the other hand, the other article recognizes the data collected from the various survey instruments such as a questionnaire.

Thirdly, both papers agree that there may be biases and errors in the international business research. According to the journal on the International Business Cycles: Therefore, there can are possibilities of self-report data containing false correlations if the respondents have the propensity to give a consistent response to survey questions that are otherwise unrelated and not consisted.

Hence, the conventional methods used in research can cause systematic measurement errors and biases that interfere with the observed connections between, constructs, producing both the Type I and Type II errors.

Globalization and business Lastly, both papers confirm that the while using the various estimation models, one should consider the errors the estimation models may bring to the research.

For instance, in the Common Method Variance article, the error of common method variance is entirely analyzed to make the future research of international and other discipline papers consider the mistakes.

Typical difference method is a variation that is featured in the measurement method as opposed to the constructs the measures it represents Chang, It creates a false internal consistency, apparent to correlation among the various variables developed by their common source.

However, the other article employ a Bayesian dynamic latent factor model for the estimation of the standard active components in macroeconomic aggregates that is output, consumption and investment in a sample of sixty countries covering seven regions in the world.

Internationanl business essay

Besides, the model is fundamental in that it works well with large cross-sections of data. Apparently, the two research articles differ in some views related to research methodologies and the general information about international business research.

It is evidential that the article on the article on global business cycle, the Bayesian dynamic latent factor model is applied in the study to estimate the active components in macroeconomics.

Internationanl business essay

The econometric methodology implemented in that paper is meant to generalize the components from single dynamic factor to a model with multiple or several influential factors.

Thus, the regional and country-specific cycles simultaneously examined.

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On the other hand, the common method variance has not clearly brought out the estimation model used in the research. Globalization and international business Secondly, in common method variance study, after recognizing that there are various bias and errors in research methodology, the paper gives detailed information on the remedies of avoiding the variance process in international business research.Get Your FixGrammarly scans your text for common and complex grammatical mistakes, Write anywhere · Detect plagiarism · Easily improve any text · Eliminate grammar errors.

The last part of your international business essay should consist of three to five strong sentences. Simply go over again your main points and provide reinforcement of your thesis.

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You should arrive at your final conclusion by logical reasoning, shortly pulling together the debate undertaken in the main body of the international business essay.

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