Indomie pricing strategy

Dalam bauran pemasaran dikenal dengan produk, harga, promosi, dan distribusi yang tujuannya untuk meningkatkan penjualan. Promosi adalah kegiatan pemasaran yang sangat penting bagi perusahaan untuk memperkenalkan produknya kepada konsumen, sedangkan distribusi merupakan proses pendistribusian produk dan jasa yang sesuai dan terorganisir sehingga terjadi keefektifan penjualan. Kegiatan promosi harus sejalan dengan rencana pemasaran yang diarahkan dan dikendalikan untuk mengembangkan laju perusahaan.

Indomie pricing strategy

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. To compete effectively in price-sensitive market such as instant noodles, Indofood concentrates upon achieving the lowest costs of production and distribution costs with setting its prices at a lower level than its competitors Kotler, This is the choice of generic strategy in order to maintaining Indofood as the market leader in instant noodles industry with slightly increase according to the objective in year ofwhich is 40 percent Indomie as the highest sales percentage brand in Indofood.

According to what stated in Wilsonp. Therefore, instead of the large scale economies of Indomie production, stricter controls also are being implemented including better production management to reduce cash tied up in inventory and others of operating costs.

After restructuring the operations, from focus on divisional profitability to core product profitability, the management will work in better coordination. In addition, focusing distribution in potential area also will help the cost cutting but still capture the wide market coverage.

Market Targeting Indomie in general or Indomie Mie goreng fried noodle as the substitute product of staple food, has concentrated its product based on the demographic segmentation of people aged older than 5 years old we categorized for all ages, from children, teenager to older.

an evaluation of product positioning strategies for marketing indomie breakfast noodles ABSTRACT This study is a research into “An Evaluation of Product Positioning for marketing Idomie Breakfast Noodle in Reviews: 7. The Distribution Group is a strategic asset that forms a vital part of Indofood’s vertically integrated operations. Its vast network and nationwide distribution capabilities ensure the availability of Indofood and third-party products throughout Indonesia. Brand Positioning of Indomie Essay Sample Porter’s Generic Strategy The overall cost leadership is the most appropriate strategy for Indomie (mie goreng) as the dominant market leader in response to the price war competition in .

It is the approach carried out in the cost leadership strategy of Porter Company set about broadening the consumer base for the product Broadbent,such as Indomie mie goreng can be targeted for all ages, from segment with lower income to high income people.

But looking back to the market trend ofthe competitors win from narrowing the market segment with the low price. Therefore, the next year market will be more targeted for lower income class.


Besides that, in global market, main target is the Asian countries which noodles as the choices as the staples food. Thus, Indomie Mie goreng fried noodles offering the instant noodle with the strong and emotional message with customer to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market Kotler, In the year ofIndomie uses prices and functional as its basis for its dominant in the market place.

Introduction also becomes important for establishing the new valuable price of product in the market.

Indomie pricing strategy

This BCG portfolio see Figure 1 analysis will shows the current position on the growth share of Indofood mie goreng fried noodle based on market growth rate to measure market attractiveness, and market share as company strength in the market Jain,pp.

The next analysis is the product life cycle PLC to see the competitive condition from the stage based on the time, sales and profit in order to decide the marketing strategies Jaim, There are two strategies that we are focusing, firstly, the strategy of quality improvement of the raw material such as high quality wheat flavour with the implementation of the food fortification such as protein, severe malnutrition and vitamin A in Indomie mie goreng fried noodles.

Secondly is the strategy of the style improvement to increase the attractiveness of the product.

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We still keep on our original flavour. The additional ingredients and health food label will be added in the packaging. The extra ingredients such as small pieces fish crackers will make the instant noodles more attractively served. For the same brand and flavour of fried noodle, Indomie selling price is Rp.

There are others competitors such as Salami or Mie Selera Rakyat who penetrate the market in lower price. Related to our quality product, we will offer the greater benefit for consumers with the super-value strategy see Figure 3.

Figure 3 The Price-Quality Strategy In addition, Indomie Mie goreng fried noodle also use the price-adjustment strategy to regulate the prices, for low-cost shoppers or in other words who lives in poverty line and still can afford the Indomie product for consumption.

Placing Strategy Distribution plays big role to make the brand positioning market strategy for the high availability in anywhere and anytime to be realized. The availability can be achieved by ensuring the freshness and availability of its products across the country, through instead of strategic manufacturing locations and extensive distribution network.

The strategy is more focus in developing the distribution network to work more closely with retailers, responding faster to their feedback.

Based on the growing numbers of modern retail market shops in urban city, we are going to develop the channel distribution to the hypermarkets, supermarket, mini market, such as new entrants retailer Giant supermarket and 24 hours shops Circle K.

In addition, we also develop the service food capabilities for institutional customers including restaurant and small warung food small local restaurant. Promotion Strategy Response to the issues, opportunities and threats, start from the mid-year and will be full of intensively of promotion and advertising.

Indofood will spend big budget for support the Indomie Mie-goreng fried noodle promotion strategy. It will be allocated with the promotion mix strategy, using the methods of advertising through the television, mass media, billboards, signs and posters, the other is the sales promotion with demonstration and exhibits Jain, With the largest market share and product quality of instant noodles, Indomie Mie goreng fried noodle must generally spend more on advertising to maintain its share and the need to convince the consumer that the product is unique and reliable Worked book, The most important in doing the promotion is the message that we want to deliver to our target market.Indomie (Mie-goreng) fried noodle more valuable based on the quality.

1 free and with special offer valuable pricing for household in eye-catching package and seasonings from that alluring pricing strategy plan. and gross profit.


through instead of strategic manufacturing locations and extensive distribution network. Contoh: Jika harga sebuah sebungkus indomie goreng pedas adalah Rp. ,- maka konsumen cukup membayar Rp.,- perbungkus jika membeli satu dus isi 40 bungkus indomie.

Using the nostalgia factor

Price Lining / Harga Lini Strategi harga lining pricing adalah memberikan cakupan harga yang berbeda pada lini produk yang beda.

Price undercutting is a pricing strategy is a situation in which a product or service is set at a very low price with the intention of driving competitors out of the market or .

Brand Positioning of Indomie Essay Sample. Porter’s Generic Strategy The overall cost leadership is the most appropriate strategy for Indomie (mie goreng) as the dominant market leader in response to the price war competition in the market with their follower and challenger.

Porter’s Generic Strategy The overall cost leadership is the most appropriate strategy for Indomie (mie goreng) as the dominant market leader in response to the price war competition in the market with their follower and challenger.

Strategic Management Assignment - PT Indofood By: 1. Arfan Nur Akbar 2. Kevin Patria 3. Asprillya Balqist 4. Reza Fahlevi 5. In Indomie made a mistake on the strategy to compete with Mie Sedaap by following competitors by creating a brand which is Supermi Sedaaap and Noodle wing.

Unfortunately, the strategy can not stem the Mie .

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