Impact of advertisment

However, this research stream has neglected the possible interactive relationship between the current mood of consumers and the mood intrinsic to and the information contained within the advertisement. This paper discusses possible mood management strategies of consumers when they evaluate advertisements and presents a simple framework for understanding this phenomena. Strong evidence suggests that individual choice behavior can be based on affective as well as rational factors Zajonc

Impact of advertisment

Important social messages rode on the bicycle of advertisements to captivate the imagination of the people. Advertising like any other marketing tool has not only advantages but disadvantages too. Positive impact of advertising: Promotion of public services: The advertisement is used by the government to promote schemes across the length and breadth of the country.

Social concepts important for the general public are understood with the help of the above-mentioned marketing strategy. During war time and other emergency situations, many nonprofit organizations run advertising campaigns to disseminate the information among the general public.

Even in the case of disaster management, the government uses advertisers for spreading a sense of caution. Conventional advertising technique to promote the products and services of a company generates tremendous social benefits.

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For instance, it can be quite useful in a country where the free speech and discourse is often suppressed. The advertisement on televisionprint media and the internet ensures that people have freedom of choice.

As a result, the consumers become more vocal and conscious of their rights.

Impact of advertisment

One of the most important aspects of advertising is that it can boost the revenue of not only the company but also the country. More consumers would purchase the items and avail the service in huge numbers. It can have a tremendous impact on the social environment because new jobs are created. Advertisement provides arrays of options to the consumers as far as freedom of choices is concerned.

People can compare and contrast more than one product and service to hone in on the best choice. Similarly, they can elect the best political candidate who can govern the country. Negative impact of advertising: Bad effect on children: Advertisement of products such as soft drinks can create a huge customer base but it is a known fact that ingredients comprised in the item are harmful to the health of the consumers.

Politically advertising can be a double edged weapon. It is used to promote the social messages but also could be deployed to twist the facts and portray an individual or the government in bad light.

Modern history is full of such instances when negative advertisements change the whole future of the nation also caused wars. Excess advertising has a detrimental impact on the perspective of consumers because they might get bored and discard the product which is being promoted.Advertising is a social institution and its cost and benefit should be evaluated to determine the total impact of advertising on our social welfare the issue is not whether advertising is perfect, but whether the benefits of advertising outweigh the costs making social welfare greater than advertising.

Advertising and marketing practices encompass a diversity of trends and methods used to sell or promote services or products including print, TV, radio, internet and billboards, branding, promotions, and sponsorship of cultural events or products, among other strategies.

Negative & Positive Effects of Advertising Searching for a better understanding of advertising as a communication model has led to some interesting research. As an engineer, I naturally want to. Advertising makes us think that everything we need is for sale. Another serious ill effect of advertising is that it feeds us with the wrong impression that everything we need can be bought, and hence that money should be our measure of success and prime goal in life.

Without shopping, advertisements tell you that you can’t find contentment. Impact of advertising on kids: There was a time in 60s and 70s when the main target audience of advertisers were house-wives but this . THE IMPACT OF AN ADVERTISEMENT ON A CONSUMER'S MOOD STATE. These ad components may work similarly to the hedonic and utilitarian affective attitude elements suggested by Batra ().

Through the process of empathy, the mood inherent to the ad may act to reduce, maintain, or improve the mood of the receiver (Hill ).

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