How to write about bad news lyrics

Why this movie now?

How to write about bad news lyrics

But I don't know any blacks named "macallister. I also don't understand the "gay" theory. Her and billie joe are obviously in love, but her mama is pushing her towards the "nice young preacher.

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It sounds to me like the movie people are describing took a lot of liberties. If the preacher was close enough to recognize the girl, he would have been close enough to recognize a dead body of a grown man.

An aborted or suffocated baby, however, would be a nondescript little package. To tell the truth though, I think this song is much more powerful, because it doesn't spell it out. These lyrics have haunted me for years! My theory, By Tomina.

Ahem Sorry I love Monty Python It was written in the time of Vietnam, many young men were doing almost anything to avoid the draft. I believe they were seeing each other in secret. The narrator got pregnant on purpose so they could get married. She must not have been too far along because nobody noticed she was pregnant.

She miscarried and they threw the little one in the water. He may have already been called up and the marriage would have saved him. Now it was too late. The narrator sat with her family talking casually about Billie Joe. Listening as they talked about someone she loved and she was falling apart inside.

She never got over it.

how to write about bad news lyrics

The narrator refused to have a romantic relationship with billy joe. The song notes things two friends might have done together -- talk after church and go with a group of friends to see a movie -- and even a move that a teenage guy might do if he was interested in a girl: What the preacher saw was billy joe and the narrator talking a possible romantic relationship and the narrator refusing.

What they tossed into the river has something to do with them being together. Billy joe could not handle the rejection and committed suicide.

The narrator doesn't think too much about it -- presumably she likes billy joe as a friend but not that kind of friend -- until she is told that billy joe has committed suicide. Thus she loses her appetite. It couldn't be a pregnancy -- at least in the 60s.

Pregnancies tend to show and the narrator would be showing long before billy joe jumped off the bridge. Also, in a rural area like the part of mississippi where the song is set, there weren't readily available back alley abortion providers. So, it has to be something more simple and I believe that teenage angst over a rejected romantic overture is the answer.Real news, curated by real humans.

how to write about bad news lyrics

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