How to write a loki fanfiction non-con

For the first time, they deal with each other with no lies to hide behind. Please, Malfoys play by their own rules. Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters:

How to write a loki fanfiction non-con

What could go wrong? Based on the Loki and the Loon comic series on Tumblr. Though he had fallen asleep on the downstairs couch, Loki could still hear his snores as clearly as though he were in the same room.

As a result, Loki had elected to sleep with his head underneath his pillow; stitch curled up on top of it. They had both stayed there all night, Loki getting less than two hours of sleep. Eventually, the snoring stopped. Sighing, he removed his head from under the pillow, shrugging stitch off it before placing his head where he had been curled up.

Loki felt himself relaxing into the warmth, and he smiled. Then Loki felt the sun shine brightly through the blinds directly into his closed eyes. He could have screamed. But of course, Loki was much too dignified for that and instead settled for cursing his brother and the nine realms for all eternity.

Full of rage, Loki rolled out of bed and slipped down the stairs, stitch close behind him. When he reached the kitchen, he was met by the sight of his brother happily eating his way through a box of chocolate pop tarts, a whole other box already discarded to the side next to Mjolnir.

To the left of the kitchen counter sat Tom, intensely focused on something he was writing.

Loki Learns Self Control! SanguineNoctis Re-write of the movie.
The Star Wars Holiday Special.

Loki frowned as he stepped into the kitchen and sat beside Tom. He raised an eyebrow.

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What kind of barbaric society? Loki looked even more confused. What exactly are you doing there? He took a bite curiously. His eyebrows raised in surprise. It was incredibly sweet. Tom pushed the rest of the pages to him. Loki read over them thoughtfully.

It…is not too terrible. He thought it was quite an honest attempt at impersonating him. He then mentally reminded himself that Tom was and actor.

But first I better clean this up," Tom said, gesturing to the crumbs littered across the table. He effortlessly lifted Mjolnir off the kitchen counter, wiped the crumbs underneath it, then placed the hammer gently back down again before moving away.

Loki stared, blinking and mouth agape like a fish. Thor pulled his shoulders back. He was beginning to question it was wise to leave three powerful aliens, all of which quite destructive to the furniture when angry, alone together in a small apartment for several days.

I also left a list of instruction on how to do that.

how to write a loki fanfiction non-con

There is food in the fridge, and my number is on the counter. Tom smiled, feeling quite anxious. He reminded himself it was only for a week or two, just until comic con was over. Suddenly he felt two arms wrap around his shoulders to embrace him.

Tom wanted to cry when he realised it was Loki.A collection of Avengers oneshots, from the famous heroes to Loki and the Scarlet Witch.

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I hope you all enjoy! To request a oneshot, just leave a comment with your character of choice and/or the prompt you would like me to follow. "As beautiful as she is, don't underestimate a rose~ Look out for her thorns~" This is a fanfiction where the protagonist, being the reader, enters a new world after .

Sep 28,  · FanFiction | unleash There are plenty of non-canon "supporting" characters. Earth is home to more than the 8 or 10 total people we meet in the movies. but it was good, too. It's so much fun to write Loki at different periods of his life -- you know, to write him such that you can feel it's the same person (hopefully), though.

If you go to Archive of Our Own, there are hurt Tony tags, Tony Angst tags, and Insecure Tony tags, etc. so maybe you can find something you like there.

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10/1/ c1 2 Spideypool Hard-core smut is not the same as rape. Remember to put up a warning on non-con / rape.

It's horrible to read if you have experienced something like that, and it helps people who doesn't want to experience it again, to stop reading beforehand. Thor and Loki are actual Gods I'm looking for fics that center around or emphasize the fact that Loki and Thor are gods.

how to write a loki fanfiction non-con

A lot of fics I've read call them Demi-gods or treat them as super powered, but essentially human.

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