How to write a letter to your favorite actor

Writing to your favorite celebrities could become a favorite pastime and a way to express your appreciation and gratitude for their contribution to the arts. Whether you are looking for an autograph or just wanting to let her know your feelings, a well-thought-out letter and knowing the correct place to send it are helpful. Take part of an afternoon, sit down and write a letter to your much-loved actor, author or singer that will make her want to respond.

How to write a letter to your favorite actor

Perhaps you already know some phrases, or maybe you're skilled at Korean, but you'd like some examples and more specific grammar tips to get started. This week's video is just for you!

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A lot of people have asked me for help writing letters in Korean, so today I present this new video to help you with that. Feel free to send in your own questions and they might be featured in an upcoming video.

Tip 1 - Use Their Title Whenever you're saying a celebrity's name in Korean, you need to add a title after it so it's polite. I'd also recommend avoiding any slang. Korean slang is fine between close friends, but shouldn't be used to people you haven't even met yet.

To do this, just address your letter to "ATTN: Stage Manager" at the address of the theater where the show is playing. You can also send fan mail to your favorite actor/actress currently on Broadway. If you want anything personalized or signed by a single person, it is best to send it to them directly. Hey Colin! I know you probably get alot of fan letters, so this won’t be important to you, but I jsut wanted to let you know, whenever I’m down, I think of how you succeed and how you’re happy, and it helps me, because I know it’s possible if you try, especially because you’re my age too. Apr 24,  · - Address your request to the attention of the actor, care of the studio that carries the show. - The key to writing an actor and getting a response is "convenience".

An Example Letter in Korean Let's take a look at an example fan letter and learn some grammar that you can use.

The complete letter appears at the bottom of this explanation. These are only examples but they should help to get you started. Feel free to copy parts if that's what you wanted to say anyway. This means "To Chul-soo. This means "I really enjoyed watching the recent movie that you, Chul-soo, appeared in.

Here's how to do that: This means "Chul-soo, you're my favorite actor. Replace the blank space with the name of your city or country.

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And to say something that you're looking forward to, you can use this phrase. You can replace the blank space with what you are looking forward to. Replace the first space with their name and title, and replace the second space with just their title. This means "You have fans who are cheering you on, Chul-soo.

This means "So take care! And here's the entire example fan letter written in Korean, for reference. This letter was written to Chul-soo a male Korean actor by a younger female fan.

And this is kind of a secret, but if you add stickers, smiley faces and drawings on your letter, it increases the chances of them noticing it. Good luck with writing your own letters!

Be sure to let me know if you use any of these tips to write your own letters to your favorite Korean celebrities.Hi,Leo,,, i just want u to know that you are really my friend, you are with me in every stage of my life for 13 yrs now,,, when i was a kid,i used to fininsh my homework and all my studies so that i .

Fan Mail Letter Template | Contact Any Celebrity How do I write to my favorite actor?
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However, when I first saw you as Troy Bolton with your floppy mop of brown hair and beautiful blue eyes, I knew you were the one for me. Despite the fact I was only ten and you were eighteen, I somehow knew it was meant to be.
My one and only dream would be to have the opportunity to play a part in a movie with you.

Aug 01,  · Check out your favorite celebrity’s Twitter. Make a Twitter account and follow your favorite celeb.

how to write a letter to your favorite actor

Tweet at them directly by using the @ symbol followed by their account name. Use tags that your celebrity is using to improve the chances of them seeing your posts..

5 Simple Tips for Writing a Fan Letter in Korean

Follow Twitter accounts that your celebrity follows%(26). Apr 24,  · - Address your request to the attention of the actor, care of the studio that carries the show. - The key to writing an actor and getting a response is "convenience".

Apr 04,  · Keep your letter short and to the point. Show respect for the celebrity by keeping your letter to about a page in length. Since they’re busy people, and likely have a lot of fan mail, a page is the perfect length for them to read quickly%(19).

They know you’re an actor. Who else would send them a photo and resume? Don't go into exquisite detail about your childhood on the farm in Iowa, your favorite show tunes, and how many character. Oct 11,  · Write "Forwarding Service Requested" under the destination or return address and the post office will hopefully forward your letter to the celebrity's current address.

how to write a letter to your favorite actor

This may incur you fees. If your handwriting is poor, don’t feel bad about typing a letter%(37).

The Typers: Write A Fan Letter To Your Favorite Actor/Actress