Global warming environmental essay

Many of the scientists and studies cited below first appeared in the December U. The whole year will almost certainly be cooler than recent years, although temperatures remain above the historical average. That would make the first half of the coolest since The almanac predicts above-normal snowfall for the Great Lakes and Midwest, especially during January and February, and above-normal precipitation for the Southwest in December and for the Southeast in January and February.

Global warming environmental essay

Is methane greenhouse gas a culprit behind global warming? New research and scientific updates on global warming offer chilling information that we should all be focused on. The negative aspects of global warming are showing that there may not be a benefit to this type of catastrophe.

The global warming pros and cons debate is one of the most fiercely contested in the U. Whilst the global debate is centered around the cons of global warming, there are a small number of potential pros of global warming too.

The negative impact of global warming is well-documented. The global warming cons are numerous and even frightening. Here are some of the key words associated with global warming: Ocean circulation disruption, desertification, flooding of low-lands due to higher sea levels, more common extreme weather events such as hurricanes, extinction of species, mass disruption to agriculture, mass movement of people away from the coastal cities.

All of these macro-processes are likely to be the net result of an overall increase in the warmth of the earth; however, on a more micro regional level some of these processes will be reversed. For instance, in colder climates such as Northern Russia and Canada we are likely to see an overall increase in the number of species present.

Global warming environmental essay

Chances are, these regions will become more suited to agriculture, and to life in general. When we talk about the pros of global warming, we usually refer to the extreme northern and southern regions of the world and how beneficial the decline of permafrost would be for its inhabitants.

This is true — an increase in global temperatures could in many ways be very beneficial for these regions. There is certainly no doubt unless you work for Foxnews that global warming is a reality and that humans are causing it or at the very least exacerbate it.

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The emission of greenhouse gases has soared in the last century, and the atmosphere cannot cope with it. Certain political parties and corporate organizations are not eager for the public to become fully aware of the climate change issue, as it goes against their personal interests i.

An individual might say that global warming is great because there will be longer summers, less snow etc, but such a viewpoint is incredibly narrow minded and does not take into account the global impact of changing weather.

Many people might feel isolated from the rest of the world in their daily lives, but there is no doubt that if the world heats up at the rate that it is now, the consequent global issues will be sufficiently hard hitting and serious as to impact everyone, no matter where they live.

Therefore, whilst one certainly has the right to talk about the possible pros of global warming in certain regions of the world, and whilst this is a valid topic worthy of discussion, this should be in no way twisted into an excuse to do nothing about the problem.

The predicted level of global warming of an average of 5 degrees over the next century could be catastrophic for the world as a whole, and this is what we need to keep in mind. Huge efforts are being made, mostly noticeably in Europe, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but with many nations such as the US and China not on board, this is just not enough.

The big hope for mankind at present lies in technology, which is advancing rapidly to meet the many challenges that global warming will bring in the next century.

Global warming environmental essay

The debate on the pros and cons on global warming will continue for years and generations to come. When talking about the global warming pros and cons, one important factor is the time line. The the pros of global warming i.

Some of the cons of global warming may not be a great problem for generations too, such as a significant coastal city threatening sea-level rise.

The global warming cons, however, could turn into a significant threat to civilization as we know it, with negative feedback loops rendering global warming out of control. The debate on pros and cons on global warming will go on, but in the meantime we have to support all the measures that the world community is taking to deal with this problem.Mar 23,  · The atmosphere is only % carbon dioxide, of which only 3% stems from human activity.

Therefore, human activity cannot create global warming stemming from carbon dioxide, though natural causes of global warming certainly can exist.

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(Explanation)* The oceans regulate CO2 in the atmosphere to the. Feb 24,  · Climate researchers have published a new paper this week in the journal Nature Climate Change that acknowledges there has been a global warming slowdown from Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage.

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TONY ABBOTT MP, ADDRESS TO THE GLOBAL WARMING POLICY FOUNDATION, WESTMINSTER, LONDON. October 10, Thank you for giving me the same platform that you’ve previously given to fellow Australians John Howard and George Pell.

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