Criteria in writing a paragraph about a person

The above statement also applies to writing about someone you know. Writing about someone you know allows the writer to share the lessons learned from that other person; it allows the writer to preserve a very important memory of that person; it allows the writer to show other readers the importance of preserving the memories of loved ones and the people who touch our lives. Finally, it allows the writer to share with the readers that one person can absolutely play a major role in shaping our own individual lives and beliefs.

Criteria in writing a paragraph about a person

How to Write a Character Sketch Character Sketch Guidelines A Character Sketch is a great way for your student to assess the characters in the literature they are reading or people that they are researching about.

It can give them tools of observation as they look at the many details about another individual. When studying a specific character in a literary piece the sketch gives the student the freedom to be a detective and try to find out what the author is expressing through their characters.

They can sketch the protagonist the favorable hero or heroine in the story, or the antagonist the character which causes the conflict for the main characteror the supporting characters. Can you write a sketch without a book to study? Choosing someone they admire makes it both fun and encouraging.

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Plus what a blessing it would be to share it with the person they are writing about. In essence, you are introducing the reader to the person you are writing about. Be sure to use strong visual words in your writing. You want to provide a lasting mental image of the person or character you are writing about.

This will allow your reader to not only connect with you and the character but will show how you felt when reading a piece or spending time with the person you are writing about.

When you are preparing to write make a list of the traits or details you want to include. If you have a word limit on the assignment it is possible to assign the number of traits equal to the of paragraphs or supporting topics needed.

Or you can categorize the subjects into a broader spectrum which allows you to have multiple supporting points for each topic. It is always best to outline your writing material first so you have a good idea what you are writing.

Your outline should include descriptions on the following details: Here is a sample outline for you to follow. It should include the following: Your thesis statement the overall theme of the paper or the main idea of what you are writing.

The subtopics these become the topic sentence in your body paragraphs should be included in this paragraph as well.

End with a transition sentence that ties into the 2nd paragraph. This is paragraphs or the in between paragraphs. The body comes between the Introduction and the Conclusion. These paragraphs detail the traits listed as the subtopics from the Introduction. Those subtopics should be the topic sentences in each body paragraph.

Always try to include the most important trait 1st, the second most important detail next, and so on. Each paragraph has 1 trait which is discussed in detail. You want to pull your reader in so include details that will connect them to your main character.

criteria in writing a paragraph about a person

This is the last paragraph in your paper. Try to conclude with a final comment, pointed and well-expressed, that highlights the traits discussed in the paper.

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Restate your thesis statement. Remind the reader of your most important points. Close with a solid statement which finalizes all you are trying to communicate to the reader.

Remember a good paragraph is sentences. All sentences need to have a subject and a predicate. They should be a complete thought. Utilize tools of dress up in your writing. I always encourage my students to write their rough draft and then walk away for at least a day or two.Write for varying types of tasks (for example, business letters, letters to the editor, job applications, literature responses, informational essays, informal writing).

W Sep 15,  · website criteria: ease of navigation, design, visuals, writing, content. Finding the best criteria for your evaluation: In order to do this kind of writing well, you need to determine what sort of a topic you are attheheels.coms: Use effective paragraph structure to explain and support your thesis statement.

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Effective paragraphs are important in all types of writing. Your paragraphs guide your reader through the paper by helping to explain, substantiate, and support your thesis statement or argument.

GUIDELINES ON STYLE FOR SCIENTIFIC WRITING. Will G Hopkins PhD. Department of Physiology and School of Physical Education, University of .

criteria in writing a paragraph about a person

The Writing Center – Valle Verde Profile Essay A profile essay is a type of essay that centers a certain person, place, or thing. One of the most common profile essay assignments is one in which the author “profiles” a certain person.

Jan 13,  · For instance, if you chose to write about a person, you could include a paragraph about their appearance, another one about their personality, traits and justification, and the third paragraph of the main body can be about the person’s hobbies, talents and interests.

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