Camouflage paper

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Camouflage paper

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The answer to the simple question remains elusive: What did these colours look like? Although it is surely one of the most actively discussed subjects in interested circles, the theories have yet to provide definitive answers in this lively debate.

Camouflage paper

Fortunately, some documents still exist that shine light into this darkness. Application of Colours 81 and The introduction of these colours is henceforth described as follows: All new aircraft whose mission would have called for the use of colours 70 and 71 are from now on to be painted in colours 81 and For colours currently in production, colours 70 and 71 are to be superseded by colours 81 and 82 as soon as possible.

Available stocks of 70 and 71 are naturally to be used up. Assuming that both colours are not depleted evenly, and to avoid repeat orders of smaller quantities in 70 or 71, the use of residual quantities in following combinations is authorized: The method of application camouflage-scheme of these new colours doesn't change.

The layout of the camouflage scheme doesn't change in accordance with the Sammelmitteilung 1! Aircraft plants were required to report the transaction of the colour change to the RLM.

Here, the document dates are especially important.

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The Sammelmitteilung 1 dates from July Dornier made the required alteration to the Do drawing accordingly and reported this to the RLM. Review and approval of the reported alteration took several months and so consequently only the draft of the revised drawing was included in the Handbook.

It is important to note that there is no mention of changing underside colours in the Sammelmitteilung 1, and RLM 65 remained as the required colour for the Do in accordance with the L.

This in turn reveals that the revised Dornier drawing appears only in the Handbook and that Colour 76 was not included in the change. So, what did these new colours 81 and 82 actually look like? The original research on these colours was conducted in the s by Smith and Gallaspy, Merrick and Merrick and Hitchcock and were based on analysis of paint samples from surviving aircraft, RLM document, and, company documents.

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When all these data were evaluated, there existed considerable confusion in precisely identifying these colours. Both colours 81 and 82 were discovered to have at least three descriptive names: Information on colour 83 is equally confusing.

Still, only one RLM-Document exist or better today known that confirms the existence of 83, this Document is the Sammelmitteilung 2. Again, the colour is known by two names: While no official RLM documentation has yet been discovered to confirm their descriptive names, those noted in the Messerschmitt Me OS-Liste of 23 February best match their appearance as preserved on Me s and other aircraft: The Do drawing fixes RLM 65 as the underside colour since the Sammelmitteilung 1 makes no statement on changing underside colours.

However, Sammelmitteilung 2 of 15 August addresses this subject with the following: Introduction of the Re-camouflaging paint The temporary day finish Application purpose and scope: The new blue finish will be used to re-camouflage aircraft in permanent night finish for daylight missions.

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Camouflage paper

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