An overview of the mascara in the womens makeup

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An overview of the mascara in the womens makeup

An overview of the mascara in the womens makeup

Fleming If you enjoy this website, and would like it to remain open, please make a donation to Kate Tattersall Adventures. This article will concentrate on Britain in the s, up to and including the early Victorian era. It by no means applies to other parts of the globe, and does not cover all the different tastes and divisions of style that existed.

Remember, there are always exceptions in every circumstance. People with acne or smallpox scars, or similar disfigurements, often wore pastes to smooth their complexions. All of these products were purchased at local apothecary pharmacist shops and through doctors or, for the very wealthy, ordered from specialist dealers abroad.

There were also home-made versions, and even the poor where known to indulge. So, yes, people did wear make-up throughout the 19th century, subtly and garishly. Note the posture and waistline of the dandy indicates a corset. During the Regency and Napoleonic Warsaristocratic and affluent men in Britain started to move away from the dainty silk outfits, wigs, and heavy face pastes and paints that had been popular at court, peaking with the macaronis in the late s, and continuing with the fashionable dandies.

The suits and primping were still far from a soldier on campaign, but at least they proved more practical. Men continued using pastes as moisturisers, to help heal and hide blemishes and scars.

Ladies from late s torevealing the popularity of very pale complexions with rosy cheeks, somewhat red lips, and perhaps a bit of eye-liner. The most ostentatious adornment in these portraits is a pearl necklace.

In the s, only prostitutes and actresses, who many considered of the same ilk, embellished their appearance with excessive paint and gaudy jewellery; however, limited use was the rule for most ladies. This facial paste had moisturising properties, but it also hid blemishes and provided a light smooth complexion.

It developed into a common emollient and cosmetic remover, soon known as cold cream. Portraits from the s to s.

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To hide freckles, blotches, or redness, they could dust on rice powder, zinc oxide or, the most expensive option, pearl powder, which was a mixture of chloride of bismuth and French chalk talc and provided a silky white and lustrous cosmetic powder.

On their lips they might apply a clear pomade like beeswax for a shine and to provide protection from the elements, and some contained dye to discreetly accentuate the lip colour, crushed flowers and carmine made from the female cochineal insect being favoured.

An overview of the mascara in the womens makeup

Many recipes for lip salve included evergreen bugloss, also known as alkanet, a common weed with blue flowers that provides red dye, the root in particular but does nothing for chapped lips. To review some 19th century cosmetic recipes click here. For a healthy complexion, and to contrast the very pale skin of the privileged class, red beet juice or a carmine dye could be massaged into the cheeks.

For bright eyes, a drop of lemon or orange juice in each eye would be used, and was considered a cleansing method. Poisonous belladonna was also dropped into the eyes causing the pupils to dilate, creating a luminous glow, but clouding vision.

People with cataracts were prescribed belladonna; Queen Victoria used it in her declining years rather than have surgery.Women’s s Makeup: An Overview Posted on 30 January 7 July Author H&MUA Team 14 Comments When we think of s makeup, we usually think of .

Over in makeup, I spoke to Carole Colombani who created a very soft and subtle look that consisted of clean skin, applying foundation and concealer where necessary. There’s no mascara on the eyes but she did apply a soft velvet terracotta shade by mixing a Exposed eye shadow by MAC Cosmetics with the brand’s lip conditioner.

Overview. If you can't bear to leave the house without makeup, you may be wreaking havoc on your skin. While some people experience very few side effects from wearing cosmetics such as foundation, powder and lipsticks, others aren't so lucky. You might expect your favorite celebrities to show up to a big red carpet event in a shimmery smoky eye, monochromatic makeup, or an exaggerated cat-eye, by Rachel Lubitz Beauty.

The Key Makeup Looks of the ’s. The s woman was the first to truly create an artificial face.

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Startling eyes, scarlet lips and a pale pallor – thanks to buckets of powder resembling that of a consumer boom in makeup – simplified women’s requirements and a handbag carried all any daring flapper needed.

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