A happy feeling with my dance family

Surely no amount of pretending can substitute for connections to caring people with whom you can deepen and refine the truths you tell about yourself over time. And simply smiling can help. The Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanha spiritual leader and peace activist, encourage us to smile often and notes that the act of smiling relaxed the muscles of the face and has many benefits. His work has inspired many people to smile as part of a spiritual practice.

A happy feeling with my dance family

Have you ever felt sad or depressed for no reason? Have you ever just been unhappy or discontented with your life with no clue in the world or reason why? I know I have. In fact, this past week, I was very out of sorts. If I could have stayed home alone under the covers with no human contact, I may have.

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Fortunately, I have people to see and things to do that forced me to pull my head out of my behind. Whether we realize, admit or like it or not, happiness comes from within each of us. Whatever your life experience is in any moment, you have the power to turn things around.

Feel better about this: This is your chance to take control of your life. Help yourself feel happier. Go to any store with a greeting card section and peruse. I was reminded of how many stupid greeting cards are out there. There are, however, some really funny ones, too. Stupid or funny…I got sucked into the card section at Target for at least half an hour.

I actually enjoyed it.

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Go check out some greeting cards. Handwrite and mail a letter to someone you love. Do you remember the days when you used to receive handwritten letters in the mail? I would love this. Pay it forward and write a letter to someone you care about. In fact, you might even hear from that person after he or she receives your letter!

I have a gynormous sweet tooth. Since I have incorporated a paleo diet into my lifeit is rare that I indulge in my favorite all time treat: Whenever I walk into my favorite gelato shop and see the colorful flavors in the cooler awaiting me, my mood is instantly lifted.

Paleo or no paleo…sometimes I just need me some ice cream. What lifts your mood?

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A foo-foo coffee drink from your favorite shop?Rainfall makes me happy, pleasant weather makes me happy, some task accomplished makes me happy, a white flower in a tree of red ones makes me happy, a shooting star makes me happy, a clear night sky makes me happy, a favourite song playing in my music player makes me happy talking to my family & friends makes me happy, nice smell of food makes.

With my toddler class, we used this theme to enforce the concept of using words instead of actions. With older kids, you can talk about different situations and ask how each person feels.

A happy feeling with my dance family

The successful and happy ones dance lightly with life. - Jonathan Lockwood Huie Training yourself to live in the present - without regretting the past or fearing the future - is a recipe for a happy life.

Lyrics to "Can't Stop The Feeling!" song by Justin Timberlake: I got this feeling inside my bones It goes electric, wavy when I turn it on All through my city, all. 17 Songs That Will Make You Insanely Happy Go ahead and have a little solo dance sesh in your room — we won't tell!

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